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The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
 Three men in a boat (Jerome Klapka Jerome)

Scene 1

SCREEN: White letters on black background: "DECEMBER 23, 1990" SETTING: The stage is separated in the following zones: Living Room. USC, with a couch and a semi-decorated Christmas tree surrounded by ornaments; Closet, USR with a clothes rack with clothes on hangers and boxes; Pantry, USL, with cans. A screen hangs above the stage, onto which dates are projected. AT RISE: Lights come up on the Living Room. DAVID FORAKER, a man in his thirties, sits calmly, examining his surroundings. He puts down his drink, looks at his watch, takes a deep breath and rises. (Lights cross fade to Closet. David takes clothes from hangers, folds them and places them in boxes.) (Lights cross fade to Pantry. David sorts through the food items, tossing some into a garbage bag. He picks up a can, examines it and goes to throw it away. He stops, looks at the can again and begins to lose control. He tosses the can in the bag and tries to go through some other items, but is getting too upset.) (Lights cross fade to Living Room. David enters with the garbage bag and starts tearing down decorations trying to throw them away. He collapses on the floor, half reaching into the garbage bag, sobbing.) (BLACKOUT) (END OF SCENE)



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GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
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