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The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
 Three men in a boat (Jerome Klapka Jerome)

Scene 12

SETTING: Fire Island. Lights rise on the same fold-out chairs, DSC. SCREEN: White letters on black background. "May 18, 1992" AT RISE: Lights come up on Jeremy and David in the chairs. They are dressed in shorts, shirts and sunglasses which David has removed. Jeremy's are heart-shaped and rose colored.

JEREMY No, seriously. You can dish about guys with them. You can bitch about men and they understand. And you make their boyfriends nuts. Especially if they're dumb. (butch voice:) "You fuckin' that faggot friend of yours?" (own voice) Jane-the-nebbish-divorcee-who-thinks-its-chic-to-know-gay-people had this boyfriend. He was real Marlboro. One day, he says to me, "You stay away from my woman or I'll kick your ass." So, I say, "Really? Is it true what they say about men with big feet?" Never saw him again. But straight girls as a rule make much better acquaintances than gay guys.

DAVID It just seems that if you're a non-exceptional queer male, straight women as a rule, trust and confide in you. But if you're one of those Ken doll look-alikes, they always say, "What a waste." I hate that.

JEREMY And you don't think the same thing when Ken's straight.

DAVID No. I think, "What a pity." Pity and waste are monumentally different. (beat) I can't believe I'm here. I never thought I'd go to Fire Island. It always seemed so stereotypical. Then, you drag me here; where I never wanted to go, and it's overcast. The beach is practically empty. Where are the men, Jeremy? I compromised my own stupid snobbish standards to come here. I deserve decent scenery. Must you wear those stupid glasses?

JEREMY I like sunburned men. So, is the guy from the English Department still hounding you?

DAVID He's got the tenacity of a steel trap. It's not like "No" is an ambiguous term. I think I've developed a pattern with it. "No, I'm busy." "No, I have other plans." "No, I'm not interested." He's making me nuts.

JEREMY How long has it been since he's asked you out?

DAVID Twenty days. (Looks at watch.) Almost. Who does he think I am?

JEREMY Perhaps, an attractive, articulate, emotionally secure if somewhat needy academic who looks sexually repressed enough to become volcanic under the right circumstances. (Looks at David.) Nah. I wonder if he owns a red light bulb.

DAVID I haven't asked you about those marks on your wrists.

JEREMY Lorenz and I got a little carried away. Apparently he has Bull Durham fantasies too. Among other things. He wrote this poem for me. It was beautiful. A little cheesy, but For me. He loses his temper sometimes, so suddenly. He accuses me of trying to control him. He says I think I can manipulate him because he's smaller. He's never actually hit me. Not with his fists. He's thrown me around. But if he wanted to hurt me he could; very easily and he knows that. He's almost cautious in his brutality. One time he hoisted me over his head. I was scared, but later when I thought about it, it really turned me on. After the outbursts, he sobs and begs for forgiveness and we have rough sex for hours until he goes to sleep. I really can't enjoy it then because I'm emotionally and physically sore from the argument. He can't sleep unless I'm in bed with him. Then, he looks so peaceful, I forgive him. It's not like it happens that often either. No more than two or three times a month. The rest of the time he's wonderful. I miss him.

DAVID I really wish I didn't understand. Before Matthew, there was a guy. Joe Banes. He wasn't physically abusive; just very manipulative. I wonder if I was really in love or if I just though I was because he told me so. I never had those doubts with Matthew. He wouldn't let me. Sometimes, I'll get this feeling: you know how you can tell when someone's about to lay their hands on you. For a moment. I think I hate it, but I'd be completely lost if it stopped.

JEREMY He gave great hugs. Put on your sunglasses. It's coming back out. (David does.) (END OF SCENE)



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