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The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
 Three men in a boat (Jerome Klapka Jerome)

Scene 9

SCREEN: White letters on black background. "DECEMBER 23, 1986" SETTING: David and Matthew's house, USC. Christmas decorations are present. AT RISE: David reads a paper. Matthew wears headphones and does some aerobic exercises. He looks very healthy. He looks at his watch. He slows down and stops exercising. He removes his headphones.

MATTHEW Time check. I'm going to get my shower. Is Malek going to be at this party? (Exits.)

DAVID (Checks his watch.) He has more or less moved into Jeremy's apartment. He could have returned to South Africa or wherever it is he's from.

MATTHEW (Off stage:) Try Nebraska. I brought in the mail. I think it's mostly junk and bills. I put it next to the organizer by the Little Drummer Boy. Did you rearrange the drawers again?

DAVID (Crosses to it.) Found it. Yes, I did. (Leafs through the mail.) Your bathroom stuff is in the one with Donner's head on it. Read the collars. (Finds one particular envelope. Gets tense, opens it and reads the paper inside. He gets upset and his eyes begin to tear. He sits.)

MATTHEW (Entering in bathrobe) The tinsel you hung in the shower is starting to rust. What's the matter? (David can't look at him. He hands MATTHEW the paper. Matthew reads it.) Oh, God. I'm sorry. (moves away from David.) Jesus. I, I don't know what to

DAVID Could you please just come here? (Matthew hesitates, then crosses to David. He sits, putting his arm around him.) I'll be okay. I am okay. It's not as though we weren't expecting this. And look how well you're doing. You're still jumping around like a kid in his twenties. This isn't the end. (Pause)

MATTHEW What should we do about tonight? I could call Jeremy and explain.

DAVID I'd rather tell him myself. Face to face. After the holidays.

MATTHEW Okay. I'll just tell him we can't make it. I'll think of an excuse.

DAVID Good. (Matthew starts to get up, but David stops him. Matthew holds onto David as David cries. The crying subsides.) Thank God you're here. I don't know what I'd have done if you weren't.

MATTHEW You wouldn't be having this problem.

DAVID Don't say that. (David holds Matthew tight for one moment more and lets go. He pulls himself together.) I'm okay now. Call Jeremy. Matthew, wait. Let's go.

MATTHEW Do you really want to? What if you get upset? You hate to get emotional in public.

DAVID I have the rest of my life to cope with this. I've already gotten upset; there's no point doing it again. It's just a party. Besides, you know how Jeremy gets when there's even the chance we won't show up. If we hate it, we'll leave. Let's make the most of our options.

MATTHEW Are you sure?




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