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 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
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Scene 2

SCREEN: White letters on black background. "January 7, 1991" SETTING: David's office, DSL. comprised of a desk and a chair. AT RISE: At his desk, David organizing his work. Jeremy, still in his coat, enters. His mannerisms are mildly effete, but not flamboyant or stereotypical.

JEREMY Good morning.

DAVID Not particularly. I'm sorry. It's just. You know. Besides, I've got syllabi to revise. I was looking over them wondering, "What was I thinking when I planned this?"

JEREMY You had other things on your mind.

DAVID I've never been so unprepared. It's not as if I've been that busy. Before, sure. But, I've really just been sleeping.

JEREMY You know


JEREMY I was eating this Danish and I remembered hearing something about Entenmann's Bakeries being owned by the Moonies. I wondered if that was still true. Or true ever. And it's not like this Danish was particularly good. Or bad. It was just kind of average. So, I took a shower instead of finishing it. But that really didn't help, either. Especially if at some time I inadvertently supported some religious cult or anti-abortion group. Not that I've ever been religious or I'll ever be pregnant. The shower did help my back, which is still out of alignment because of what's-his-name. Which has put a crimp in my sex life. Not that I couldn't use a break, so to speak. Was that a double negative? But, anyway, Jane-who-lives-next- door, as opposed to Jane-the-nebbish-divorcee-who-thinks-its-chic-to- know-gay-people, invited me over for tea and served these wonderful Russian tea cakes. We talked about men. And bagels. It was a nice time. I'm sure you'd have enjoyed yourself. Though, the two of you don't seem to have much to say to each other. But I felt better after that.

DAVID What kind of Danish was it?

JEREMY Strawberry. Isn't that odd?

DAVID I'm so glad you dropped by. And I'm sorry I haven't called. You know me: can't share my misery like a normal person. I wanted to come to your party, too, but I didn't think I could take it. Who'd have given me a New Year's kiss? (pause) It bothers me. I keep wondering, was it worth it? I look at the good things. He was so I want to say, yes, I would do it again. Even if I couldn't correct the mistakes, I would still do it. But, I keep hesitating. Maybe it's too soon. Sure, I have regrets. Big ones. Who wouldn't? But what if I start regretting all of it. What if I end up hating him? Jeremy, could you excuse me? I'm upsetting myself again and I've got all this stuff to do.

JEREMY I pray for the day you stop worrying about being embarrassed in front of me. You're not the only one who lost Matthew. I don't mean it spitefully. You just seem to forget. Let me know when you need me to type those. Oh, and I brought you some apple-cinnamon tea. Would you like some?

DAVID You're amazing. Yes. Please. Thank you. (Jeremy turns to go.) You were right. Before. When you said I couldn't be the Rock of Gibraltar, no matter how much I wanted to. I didn't even last a week. You know what did it? Chili. A can of fucking Hormel chili. How could he eat that shit? Right from the can. If I'd make homemade chili, he wouldn't touch it. I never told him how much that bothered me. Maybe I did. He just loved that and the Dinty Moore Beef Stew in the convenient microwavable container. What a memorial. I could make it past the death bed. I could stand there while we put him in the ground. Not even a flinch. I couldn't make it past the kitchen cupboards. (Pause.) You should get out of that coat before you overheat. (David starts working as Jeremy leaves.) (END OF SCENE)



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