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The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
 Three men in a boat (Jerome Klapka Jerome)

Scene 23

SCREEN: Black letters on white background. "AUGUST 29, 1981" SETTING:A Party, DSR. DSC, there is a bed stacked high with coats. This will be obscured in darkness until otherwise noted. The rest of the stage is bare. Loud music plays. AT RISE:The lights come up low. Jeremy and Matthew enter. They are drunk.

JEREMY I don't know why I let you bring me here. I can hardly stand up. Oh, God. Everyone I've ever slept with is in this room. Every mistake I've ever made. I'm in hell.

MATTHEW Why don't you go mingle?

JEREMY Mingling in hell. That's wonderful. I can hear Barbra Streisand singing it. (sings:) "There's the one who bit me till I bled/Here's the one who shit in my bed/Who do I talk to?/I've got a rash and my mucous membranes are starting to swell 'cause I'm mingling, mingling, mingling/Mingling in Hell." Wait, I did Liza Minelli. You know

MATTHEW (Noticing someone off stage:) What?

JEREMY Nothing.

MATTHEW (Nods and waves to the off stage presence:) Jeremy, I see someone I need to talk to.

JEREMY Where? Is that Walter? It is. Okay, tell him hello for me. Matthew. Before you go. I'm kind of upset still. I mean, I know you liked Felix and all. And he was nice and you think this is a mistake. But, it just wasn't there for me. You're not still mad at me are you? (Matthew hugs Jeremy.) Thanks. I'll see you later. I will.

MATTHEW I promise. (Crosses to the perimeter of the stage. Jeremy exits elsewhere as Walter enters. Matthew walks over to him.) Hi. How are you?

WALTER Fine. (Begins to tear up.) I'm sorry. I forgot who I was talking to. Um, I'm not so great. I can't discuss it right here. It's too

MATTHEW Listen, why don't we find someplace and talk, okay? We can go into the bedroom. Come on. (Takes Walter by the arm and leads him to the bed with the coats. As the reach the bed, a bleak reddish light glows down on them.) Okay. Now we can talk. What's up?

WALTER Well, you know me. Always making a big deal out of nothing. It's like this. Dylan and I had been seeing each other for about a year and a half. And I loved this guy. I haven't loved anyone this much since. Anyway, he tells me. He tells me he's been with other people. Men, Women, Children, maybe, who knows? The point is He tells me this because He's been going to church. He feels this "burden on his soul." But, he's been fucking around the whole time we Son of a bitch. Can't I find someone who can keep his dick in his pants? They've all done this to me. Except you. And you know what he said to me? He said, he wanted to be honest with me. He didn't tell me before because he was afraid it might hurt me. Isn't that a gas? (He starts sobbing and Matthew holds him.)

MATTHEW I know. Since we broke up, I haven't even had a relationship that's lasted two months. We almost had a year. That year keeps me going. I think of you at the strangest times. I'll be on the bus and I'll remember the time I fell asleep on the beach and you buried me and planted dandelions. Remember why we broke up? I was too insecure and you were too together. Look at us now. You know, in the past year, maybe longer, I haven't even slept with anyone. I'd pick up or be picked up. We'd start kissing. Then I'd think about trivial things like: what was this person's name again? Did they tell me or didn't they? Did they care to ask me who I was? I think I picked up a reputation for being frigid. Evidently, I

MATTHEW (cont'd) started looking for something. I wonder if we're ever going to find it.

WALTER Kiss me. Please, Matthew. I need you to.

MATTHEW I want to. Things are just It might confuse things.

WALTER They're confused already. Come on. We still love each other. We know what we're doing. Where's the harm? It's not like we're expecting anything more than to relive some pleasant memories. Kiss me. Right here. I feel so alone, Matthew. I came here because I need to be around people. I need to be surrounded by them, even when I'm doing the most intimate things. Matthew, (Starts kissing Matthew's neck and chest. His hands are moving where he knows Matthew likes them to be. Matthew starts to give in.)

MATTHEW I'm too drunk. (Walter puts his hand between Matthew's legs.) I was referring to my ability to make good decisions.

WALTER Then don't make any. (Walter kisses Matthew hard on the mouth. Matthew hesitates but responds just as passionately. They collapse on the bed, knocking several coats to the floor. The red lights fade out on them with the music.) (BLACKOUT)






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