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 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
 Three men in a boat (Jerome Klapka Jerome)

Scene 21

SCREEN:Black letters on white background. "SEPTEMBER 6, 1982" SETTING:Labor Day Picnic, DSR. Music plays in the distance. AT RISE:Matthew enters with two beers and crosses to JEREMY.

MATTHEW Why's he in such a hurry?

JEREMY He probably thought you were Bruce. He said I have great legs.

MATTHEW They looked pretty good last Halloween when you went as Tina Turner.

JEREMY And I ended up with Ike. Not a pleasant memory. Thanks for that. (Matthew chuckles and puts his arm around Jeremy. Jeremy gets very uptight.) Wait.

MATTHEW For Christ's sake, Jeremy. I'm sick and tired of being told who I can and cannot touch and how. Does Bruce distrust you so much that? No. I refuse to have this conversation again. But This can't be what you want in a relationship.

JEREMY What more could I want? There's passion, suspense, excitement. Fortunately I also have good medical coverage. What do you want?

MATTHEW A responsible, yet fun individual who can take care of me and who'll let me take care of him. I read that in the personals. You're not drinking your beer.

JEREMY After last night, I don't ever want to drink again. I'll get over it. (Calls to David, who enters.) David, hello. Since when did you come to these things?

DAVID Hi, Jeremy. I normally don't. But this time I figured, what have I got to lose?

JEREMY Seriously. Oh, this is my friend Matthew Tamboro. Matthew, this is David Foraker. (Matthew and David shake hands.) You remember: We went to see David's play Unworshipped Deities that time with those people.

MATTHEW Oh, right. I remember liking it much better than the company I was with.

JEREMY (Notices something off stage.) I've got to run. Bruce beckons.

MATTHEW That's actually Bruce's name. (Jeremy gives Matthew a look and exits.) Are you here alone?

DAVID I don't know. Some friends brought me out here because I'm apparently taking too long to get over this relationship. Sure, it's been thirteen months and nine days, but it's not like that's a record. Then, they go off leaving me in a crowd of people I don't know. And I

MATTHEW Hate being alone in a crowd. Me, too. Of course, we're not alone now. Want to go for a walk? Quick! Say yes before you think of an excuse not to. (Pause. The lights cross fade to a large, bare spot, DSC, representing a clearing in the woods. David and Matthew enter it . The lights around them rise to a quarter as the scene goes on like eyes adjusting to darkness.)

MATTHEW So, Mikey McDaniel and I are sitting on his porch trying to rehearse this stupid play and, lo and behold, Greg O'Bannon walks by. Truly superior genes. So, I watch him, and then I

MATTHEW (cont'd) notice Mikey watching, and then he notices me noticing him. There was a moment of tension. Next thing you know, we're in his basement, on the pool table, doing it. Badly. So. When did you lose the pink cherry?

DAVID The Pink Cherry? Compelling. Oh, I was fifteen. I had this friend. Sort of. And we, He I was sort of manipulated into wanting to do it. We'd I'm sorry.

MATTHEW That's okay. I didn't want to bring up anything It's okay. (Pause. Matthew looks at his watch.) Wow. It's pretty late. We should be getting back. When can I see you again? You look surprised. David. I don't spend three hours talking to someone in the woods and then never see them again. I'm not that kind of boy. Think about it. (Takes David's hand and leads him off into the darkness)

DAVID (Off stage:) Okay. (END OF SCENE)



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