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 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
 Three men in a boat (Jerome Klapka Jerome)
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Scene 18

SCREEN:White letters on black background. "SEPTEMBER 4, 1992" SETTING:David's office, DSL, from Scene 2. AT RISE:Jeremy and David rush around organizing books, files, etc., talking very quickly.

JEREMY Everything was going so well. Then, he has this seizure. I call the ambulance. They take him to the hospital. I hold vigil as they do blood tests. We find out he's been overmedicated. Of course, the first thing anybody thinks of is, "call a lawyer." He wants me to call my attorney. The only attorneys I know are on Thursday nights at ten. Do you want these stacked by course number or in the order you'll need them?

DAVID Course number. Who knows when I'll need them?

JEREMY Anyway, he was going to sue his psychiatrist. He goes to his shrink to complain. Next thing, no more lawsuit. Then a couple weeks go by and he's going three times a week. Yesterday, he drops the bomb. He has to find a new psychiatrist, preferably a woman, because he's fallen in love with the man he has. I tell him, "Don't you see this is just a ruse to avoid the lawsuit." He'll have none of this. Plus, he was extremely mellow. Had I known poisoning him was the key to his heart, I'd have done it. Lord knows, I wish I had. I'm okay now, though. I sobbed last night. Well, I cried. But, I didn't feel I cried adequately, so I watched Terms of Endearment. There, I'm done.

DAVID Me too. Yes! I no longer have anything to do until Tuesday.

JEREMY I have a plan: We'll go see Thelma & Louise at the Playhouse. Only this time, we'll rush out just as the credits start so we can watch self-satisfied wives leave with their castrated husbands. Lorenz hated that movie. Then, to celebrate anything we have to celebrate, we'll take each other out to that German restaurant you love. We'll order schnitzel.

DAVID Lorenz didn't allow you veal, did he? I need to go home first. Pick you up at six thirty? (Knock on the door.)

DAVID (cont'd) Come in?

NEIL (Enters.) Hi.

JEREMY I'll be going. See you later. (David nods. Jeremy exits.)

DAVID I really haven't been avoiding you, but-- I'm sorry; you go first.

JEREMY I'm sorry I haven't called you-- Go ahead, I'm sorry.

DAVID Well. At least we've established it's been accidental. My family contacted me a couple weeks ago. It seems my sister knows someone who knew Matthew. She found out and told them. They felt bad and called me. We actually went to dinner once, but no one had anything to say. Since then, I've been burying myself in work.

NEIL I'm sorry things didn't work out.

DAVID Sometimes they don't. Thanks. You were saying.

NEIL I've been busy with a friend. He's in an interesting situation. He's married and most of his friends are gay. His wife used to think this was cool, but now she's worried that he may be switch-hitting. He's not. Then they got into a big argument and she kicked him out. He was staying at my place, but he's gone now. He moved back home. She's with her parents in Canada. He's still a mess. He loves her very much. It's a shame.

DAVID Yeah. I've been hoping to talk to you since. But with everything. What I'm trying to say is that I'd like to give it another chance. If you're interested, that is. I don't like messy endings. (Neil smiles broadly.) Well, then. I guess that's settled. When are you free?

NEIL Monday's good for me. You? (David nods.) Great. (END OF SCENE)



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