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 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
 Three men in a boat (Jerome Klapka Jerome)

Scene 17

SCREEN:Black letters on white background. "FEBRUARY 14, 1983" SETTING:Matthew's apartment, USR. The set is small and claustrophobic. There is also something cozy and romantic about it as well, but this effect seems added and not inherent. AT RISE:Lights come up on a very messy set. David and Matthew sit together. Matthew is fine, but David seems a bit tense.

MATTHEW Happy Valentine's Day. (Kisses David.) So, what do you want to do?

DAVID Matthew, we need to talk about this.

MATTHEW Okay? What's up?

DAVID Okay. What's up is this: we've been together five months. Great. We've made it to Valentine's Day. Wonderful. But, all this time, I haven't been sure if we'd make it to the next day. I mean, sure, this is the first time in maybe a decade I've well, in nine years that I've had someone today. Call me picky, but I need this to be important. I mean, to me it is. I want to say, "I want it to be but I'm not sure if it is," but it is regardless of what I want it to be, and even though it is what I want it to be to me, I don't know how it is to you.

MATTHEW Can you say that three times fast?

DAVID That's it! What are we doing? Are we doing anything? Do you know how much safe sex literature I've been reading since I met you? Trees are being slaughtered so that I know what the hell to do on a date. I feel that we've been setting a record for the world's longest series of dates. Sure, we do other things. And I love doing them. But I don't know if you do and that matters to me. I'm thirty one. Middle age is circling me like a vulture. I need to know if my bones are going to be the only ones it's going to pick at. I'm not sure if you understand this, but I have always been average.

DAVID (cont'd) I can excel at things I do, but the container itself is just this. I won't be fifty for another eighteen years, four months and twelve days. Still, I have this creaky back and my knuckles crack like Rice Krispies. My wisdom teeth are gone, which is neither necessarily positive or negative but it lingers. I have this scar on my chest. I've wonder how you stand to be around me.

MATTHEW You're right. You're really gross. I guess I must love you very much to put up with you.

DAVID What do you mean?

MATTHEW I mean, I've spent most of my Valentine's Days alone. Or I was with someone who just wanted to be with anybody else. Now, I'm finally with someone I feel very strongly about. David, I think you're under some strange impression that I don't understand loneliness. The reality of the situation is: I don't feel lonely now, and I have no idea what to do. I look across the hall at Uncle Frank and Jeff. They've been together forever. I consider three weeks a milestone. When I look at you, I see. Relax. I see someone has a lot to be confident about. Someone who sees the best parts of me past what I see in the mirror. I don't mind that you crack your knuckles. I don't care about some faded scar on your chest; it's the heart behind it that's important to me.

DAVID When you said you "feel strongly" for me, what exactly did you mean by that?

MATTHEW You can't say it first, can you?

DAVID I do that too often.

MATTHEW (Pause.) I love you.

DAVID (Pause.) Good. I love you, too.




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