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The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho)
 GENEALOGY OF A KISS (A Play in One Act by Scott C. Sickles)
 Three men in a boat (Jerome Klapka Jerome)

Scene 16

SCREEN: White letters on black background. "July 4, 1992" SETTING: Restaurant, DSL. An intimate table is set. AT RISE: DAVID and NEIL sit at the table talking jovially.

DAVID My family rejected me after the annulment. They'd spent a fortune on the wedding and the marriage lasted less that thirty six hours. They didn't even care that I was gay. (Pause) I can't believe I'm here. I've never been a dating sort. Even with the few men I've been with: I remember break ups, the relationship, the romance. I never remember how they start. Except for How about you? What do you do when you're not influencing young minds?

NEIL This is embarrassing. I have this old electric typewriter up at the cabin. I go up there when I'm feeling lonely, or broke and lonely. I take a couple hours and I pump out books. Historical romance novels. For Harlequin. Under the name Lucille Moorcroft. They stink and I'm ashamed of them. But it's what I do.

DAVID I have a collection of anonymous gay erotic paperback novels. If I keep your secret. You know, normally I hate beards, but I kind of like yours.

NEIL Thanks. I'm not crazy about them either. I had really bad acne when I was a teenager. It started to go away, but I spent my entire college career drunk, so it didn't. That's why I'm drinking this. In case you wondered.

DAVID I figured you just didn't like alcohol.

NEIL Au contraire! I just can't drink it. Let's say: we finish here, take a walk on the pier and watch the fireworks. Are you okay? (David nods.) Then, maybe next week, you can come to my place. I love to cook, even though I'm not extremely good at it. David?

DAVID I'm sorry. I really thought I could handle this. It's nothing you've done. I just can't stop making comparisons. You both enjoy things you're not particularly good at. I don't mean to be forward, butЙ He used to bite his fingernails; I noticed you don't. You love to cook; he loved to heat things up. You're here. I'd love to walk on the pier with you, Neil. But I can't tonight.

NEIL The pier won't sink. Change of plans: I'll get the check. I'll take you home. We'll call each other.

DAVID Thank you. I feel that I'm disappointing you. You keep telling me you're an admirer. I don't know what to do with that.

NEIL Don't do anything. I get this feeling you're usually the person who supports everyone else. Well, you can take a break. I'm here.

DAVID Matthew had this sad expression in his eyes. Not much before, butЙ You have a very similar look in yours sometimes.

NEIL Do I? Maybe, I'll tell you about that someday. (END OF SCENE)




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